How To Decorate Your Home With Pet Photos


July 6, 2022

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You had a pet photography session, you’re looking at the finished images, and you’re in awe. They’re absolutely beautiful! It’s time to place an order, but you lack the inspiration. You know you want to display the images in your home but don’t know what to choose.

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If you need ideas for how to display your beautiful new pet photos, you’re in the right place. A few well-placed prints of your pet can go from just pet photos on your wall to unique, beautiful art. There’s no way around it; photos from a pet photo session will make you smile whenever you see them and will really put a beautiful, personalized touch in your home.

Don’t just hide your pet photos in a drawer. They deserve to be seen. Keep reading for tips on how to decorate your house with your pet photos. 

How To Decorate With Pet Photos

Gallery Wall

One great way to display a few of your favorite images is to designate one wall in your home to create a gallery wall. The pictures on your gallery wall don’t need to be the same size. You can mix up your photo sizes and even combine framed photos with wrapped canvas prints. 

The best part of a gallery wall is that you can curate and change it over time. As you get new photos done of your pets, and new animals come into your life, you can expand your collection and adjust your layout. 

Keri Nakahashi Photography pet photos gallery wall

One tip for starting your gallery wall? Don’t just dive in. Before adding holes to your wall, there are some things you can do to help visualize what it will all look like.

Keri Nakahashi Photography can help! With the help of an app, we can show you exactly what a gallery wall will look like on your wall. Simply send us a photo of your wall, and we’ll share what the finished product will look like.

As another option, you can cut out pieces of paper in the size of the photographs you want to hang. Tape the pieces to the wall with painter’s tape. Try several different layouts before you start actually hanging pictures. You don’t want to realize halfway through the project that your measurements were off… or that the layout isn’t appealing.

The gallery wall may consist of just pet photos, or you can go for a more eclectic look by adding in art pieces of different textures. The options are totally endless here! So take your time with it to really create a beautiful wall that embodies your personality, taste, and the vibe of your home.

One Large Statement Piece

If you have a large wall that’s just screaming for a focal point, try one large image. People can be intimidated by hanging large art… afraid it may attract too much attention. Don’t be afraid to experiment with size. Before ordering, you can cut out a piece of wrapping paper in the size you’re considering. Tape it up on the wall with painters tape to see how the size looks and feels to you.

A wrapped canvas or acrylic print works well for this. Over a mantle, on a large bedroom wall, or in a formal dining room, a piece of beautiful photography is a classic way to decorate a large wall. 

Photo Triptych

Keri Nakahashi Photography Art Prints

If you have 3 similar images that you love (for example, your dog in stages of jumping, or before, during, and after jumping in a lake), you can use these pieces to create a photo triptych. A photo triptych is basically three photos side by side, essentially making up one focal art piece on your wall. All three photos should be the same size and need to be hung in order on a wall. 

A triptych is another great way to cover a large area and makes a beautiful focal point in a room. Canvas-wrapped prints and metal prints make a good medium for this style because they keep a streamlined look. 

More Fun Ideas

Side Table Accents

Displaying your pet’s photos on an end table, mantle, or sideboard is a good way to use your pet’s photos as small accent pieces. If you are renting and can’t put holes in the wall, don’t have wall space, or just have a lot of pet photos you love, displaying them on tables is a good option. 

Find some fun frames to pop your photos into. Or if you’re worried about matching frames to the image and your home decor, choose acrylic faced photos for a very clean look.

Keri Nakahashi Photography print products

Hallway Gallery 

Hallways are a missed opportunity for displaying art and photos. Jazz up your hallways with some of your favorite photo prints of your pet. You can make a gallery wall with photos of different sizes and orientations. But my personal favorite is using the hallway to display photos that are all level and the same size, evenly spaced. 

You can really dress it up by adding portrait lighting above your photos. This gives the whole thing an art gallery feel. This is a great way to make an overlooked area that you have to walk through all the time much more appealing.

Leaning Pictures

You don’t always have to hang your pictures or display them on a table. Leaning your framed or wrapped canvas prints against a wall is a really cool, modern way to display them. To do this, simply set a framed photo or canvas on a table, and lean it against the wall for support. You can even take this a step further and create a “gallery table” with a few of your favorite art pieces. 

If you have large pieces, you can display them on the floor, propped against the wall. This works best if you layer your pictures, using several different sizes. You can incorporate an item like a large mirror and a plant so it looks stylish and intentional. 

Use Your Bookcases In New Ways

Do you have a few bookshelves around your house? A unique, out-of-the-box way to display your photos is to hang them on the outside of the shelves! Use pictures in frames that are light enough to not pull your shelves down. You can also use gallery putty or other non-nail methods to hang them. This is a great way to display art in a small space, by layering your photos, your books, and other items you keep on your shelves. This also makes it easy to switch out photos as you get new ones! Just swap the hanging photo, and lean it on another shelf for a quick refresh!

I hope you’re inspired to display your pet photographs and to find fun, new ways to decorate with them. Your pet photos are such a unique and thoughtful way to express how much you love your pet. So why not decorate your house with your best friend as inspiration?

P.S. To see some Keri Nakahashi Photography art in action, check out my portfolio here!

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a Honolulu based dog photographer for those obsessed with their furbaby. Here youʻll find all things dogs + Hawaii - photography tips, top dog-friendly spots, client sessions, and more!

I'm Keri.


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