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August 25, 2022

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At Keri Nakahashi Photography, we strive to make the full experience, from booking all the way to ordering products, an amazing experience for both you and your dog. While the whole process is special, we know just how amazing it is to finally get to see the images and pick out the ones you want.

We also know just how hard it can be to pick the products you want. What’s the best way to display your dog in your home?

Keri Nakahashi Photography inside Signature Album

Photo albums are a classic way to display beautiful images. But with so many other options, albums can certainly get overlooked. At Keri Nakahashi Photography, we take a lot of pride in curating a really stunning, customized album. We’re excited to give you an inside look at what you get with our Signature Photo Album, but first, let’s talk about why you want to book a photo session in the first place!

Why Book A Pet Photo Session?

Taking photos of our pets is fun. And we know that you, just like us, probably have hundreds if not thousands of photos of your dog in your phone’s camera roll. Sometimes it’s just so hard to capture the full cuteness of the moment. Phone photos are great, and you should never stop taking pictures of your dog.

But sometimes, it’s really nice to have something more than digital images. That’s where we come in! Keri Nakahashi Photography offers pet photography in the Honolulu area. With a professional photo session, you know that you’re getting the best lighting, the best scenery, and the best of your dog.

A professional session gives you beautiful pictures of your dog that you can proudly display in your home. The artwork isn’t just art; it becomes a lasting memory that you can treasure years and years after your dog has crossed over the rainbow bridge.

That’s why, when the time comes to choose how you want your dog’s photos prepared, it can be such a hard decision. This might be the only time you book your dog a photo session, and you want everything to be just right. 

Picking Your Products

You’ve booked your session, you’ve done your session, now what? When it’s time to review your dog’s final pictures and select your favorites, you’ll be given a lot of options.

This isn’t to overwhelm you. This is to make sure that there’s something for everyone. Everyone’s taste and home decor style is completely different, so we specially select a variety of photo products to help you find the right fit for your family and home.

Some popular options include wall art (metal, canvas or acrylic), albums, and acrylic blocks. What you choose totally depends on your style and preference! Wall art, for example, is wonderful for large wall spaces. Albums and acrylic blocks, on the other hand, make a great option to display in smaller spaces.

Keri Nakahashi Photography Signature Album

The options truly are endless! If you’re waiting for your dog’s photos to be ready to view, or if you’ve just booked your session, you may be looking for some inspiration. How can you display and decorate your home with your furry best friend? Check out this helpful blog for ideas!

All About Photo Albums

Photo albums are the perfect option for a lot of homes and families. They are on the smaller side and don’t take up a lot of space, so they’re wonderful for displaying on a coffee or side table.

Photo albums also make an amazing gift. If your special someone would love an everyday reminder of their furry BFF, an album is a perfect gift.

Photo albums are also great because of how portable they are. You can change up where you display your album. If you move around a lot or are renting, an album is a great option to take with you to every new home.

And finally, albums are the perfect solution if you’re feeling like you can’t just select one photo to display. Have too many favorites from your photo session? This is a common ‘problem’ so many of our clients choose an album. This way, they have all of their favorite images printed and on display. 

Albums are perfect for showcasing action shots or closeup detail shots that you love but don’t want on a larger scale on your wall. If you are torn between several photos, you can include them all in an album! Albums can hold 40+ photos, so you don’t have to make tough decisions between photos that you love. 

If you’re ordering an album through Keri Nakahashi Photography, know that you are getting the absolute best. Each album is handcrafted in Italy and made with the finest materials. Your album comes in a beautiful varnished box that will be specially personalized with your dog’s nose or paw print on the front. Plus, the box even includes a photo inside the lid for a special, surprise moment!

Photo Album Custom Page Layout

Inside the box, you’ll find your beautiful 9.5 x 9.5 album with a crisp acrylic cover. The album cover has a stunning image of your dog, and inside your album, find 40+ of your favorite images from your dog’s session. With thick, high-quality, glossy paper, this really is a work of art that you’ll cherish forever!

Why Pick A Photo Album?

A photo album is always an excellent choice, but why might it be the best choice for you? Need help making a selection? We’ve helped many clients choose the perfect option, and we’re happy to share some insight!

A photo album is perfect for you if:

  • You rent a house or if you don’t want holes in your walls. An album makes a lovely decor piece while leaving your walls undamaged. 
  • You just want to have as many pictures from your dog’s session as possible, and you prefer having physical pictures in hand instead of digital images. 
  • You are in love with every picture from your dog’s session and simply can’t choose!
  • You want to feel like you have something truly personal and customized. You love the idea of having your dog’s nose or paw print on the box cover!
  • You are looking to create a beautiful tribute to your dog’s younger years. Many clients book photo sessions when their dogs are young to help remember them at their most active. Put together an album of the fun, frisky moments to hang onto for years and years!
Keri Nakahashi Photography Kobe's Signature Photo Album

Truthfully? Any way you choose to display the images from your dog’s photoshoot is great! Whether you like wall art best, an album to tell your dogʻs story, or you want to have it all, the point is that you have beautiful, lasting memories and something to make you smile each and every day.

If you’re ready to adorn your home with your favorite furry friend, book your dog’s photo session now! Keri Nakahashi Photography offers dog photography sessions in the Honolulu area!

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a Honolulu based dog photographer for those obsessed with their furbaby. Here youʻll find all things dogs + Hawaii - photography tips, top dog-friendly spots, client sessions, and more!

I'm Keri.


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a Honolulu based dog photographer for those obsessed with their furbaby. Here youʻll find all things dogs + Hawaii - photography tips, top dog-friendly spots, client sessions, and more!

I'm Keri.


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