Take a stunning Hawaii beach, add your furry best friend, plus an experienced photographer – the kind who can help your dog have fun, no matter their personality or level of training – and you’ve got the makings of some serious joy.

yes, really


Every dog

Its and honor and joy to meet so many dogs, and I look forward to working with yours soon.

to specialize in dog photography.

I believe every dog has a story to tell, and I am at my best when I can creatively capture it for you. Images will be full of color, fun, and just real life moments. The end result is artwork that will last a lifetime and serve as an daily reminder of your cherished furbaby.

My journey into photography started with my own dog, Kobe, as I sought to capture him enjoying his favorite things in life: chasing his ball, swimming at the beach, pool time in the yard, and just being mischievous in every way possible. These images that are now printed and displayed around our home are invaluable - they freeze a moment in time that Iʻll want to remember many years from now when the memories start to get a little fuzzy. This is what every family deserves and why I chose

photographer, dog mom, and professional chocoholic.

I'm Keri

Keri had ways to get the boys' attention so they'd be sitting nicely and looking right at the camera. She wasn't afraid to get down and dirty to get the perfect angle to make the boys look good. It was so stress free for me. She knew exactly what to do and is a joy to work with"  — Laurie

"It was magical!  You could see it in the photos, theyʻre happy & relaxed.

of our family together, and Lily in her happiest places. In each and every photo. Keri captures Lily’s genuinely sweet personality and gives us the reassurance that Lily will always be with us." — Corryn + Alex


These wonderful photos provide us with a life of forever lasting memories with our family. Keri captured his natural and happy self doing everyday things like running on the beach " — Candace

"Louie lost his battle to aspiration pneumonia from mega esophagus

Kind Words from Clients


You probably canʻt tell but most of the dogs I work with are kept on leash during their session! People and leashes can always be edited out of the final image to make your dog look like an obedience champ. This means you donʻt have to worry about the sits and stays, just relax and enjoy the session!

the magic is real.

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(+ totally wish they had later)

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