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December 15, 2022

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You’ve just reviewed your photos, and now it’s time to decide how you want to display them. Photo albums are wonderful, but maybe you want something larger… something that can be seen from far away… something that can be viewed from different angles in your home… something everyone can really enjoy. Maybe you’re picturing a gallery wall or a large piece to be a focal point in your living or dining room. Whatever your preference, we can help you navigate and make the right choice. 

wall art honolulu dog photography

Let’s talk about wall art! Believe it or not, wall art can suit any decorating style! It doesn’t matter if you like things sleek and modern, traditional, or even industrial. Let’s talk options so you feel better prepared when the time comes to pick your dog’s photos and art.

But first, let’s talk about what to expect from your dog’s photo session.

What To Expect At Your Dog’s Photo Session 

Before the wall art comes the photo session. First thing’s first, when you book a session with Keri Nakahashi Photography, we’ll ask some questions about your dog. What do they like? What do they dislike? What’s their personality like? Are there any features or behaviors you want to make sure we capture in our photos?

Next up, we’ll work together to select the right location and time. This will depend on your dog’s personality, activity level, and what your overall vision was when booking the session; did you have a particular look in mind?

Then, on photoshoot day, our job is to capture your dog as they are. Every dog is different, and this is why we love what we do! We’ll use a variety of methods to capture your dog’s attention but also their spirit. We’ll let them just be, enjoying and exploring their environment.

Some dog parents decide that they want to be in the photos, too! This is a great way to show the bond that you have with your dog.

Not sure what your vision is just yet? That’s no problem! Check out our portfolio to get some inspiration.

All About Wall Art

If, when we sit down and go through the photos from your dog’s session, you have one photo that is your absolute favorite – a stunning closeup or a motion shot best captured in a larger format, then you may want to consider having that photo made into wall art. 

Framed wall art from Keri Nakahashi Photography in Honolulu

If you’re leaning toward having some of your dog’s photos printed as wall art, you won’t just be deciding between different frames and mats. We offer wall art in four separate mediums. We’ve given a brief rundown of each one to help make it easier for you to decide which one will highlight the photos of your dog the best and give you the effect you want in your home. 

Acrylic Prints

If you love a slick, streamlined, style, then acrylic prints will appeal to you. The colors will pop, and the smooth finish will make your print feel like something from a modern art gallery. You can get your print in a small size to add to a gallery wall, or order a larger size to make it a statement piece. As another idea, keep in mind that several small acrylic prints grouped together can make a seamless gallery wall that makes a beautiful focal point in your home and a great way to display multiple photos. Acrylic prints are available in multiple sizes to suit the space you have on your walls. 

wall art of dogs from honolulu pet photographer Keri Nakahashi Photography

Canvas Prints

If you like a more traditional style of art on your wall, then a canvas print is just what you need. Canvas prints can give your home a warm and welcoming feeling and go well over a fireplace, in a bedroom, or in a formal dining room. Your image will be printed in HD on cotton canvas and securely mounted on a wooden panel. Available in multiple sizes, the cotton canvas print is a high-quality art piece you will love having front and center in your home. 

Metal Prints

Metal wall art doesn’t have to be rustic. The metal prints we offer can complement rustic farmhouse decor, but they’re far from rusty road signs. They can work with any style. Your images will look vibrant and sharp and will blend seamlessly with modern or traditional decor. Metal prints are easy to clean, and as a bonus, they’re made of waterproof metal and are recyclable. Metal prints grouped together make a beautiful triptych if you have a large photo that would look good split into three parts or several photos that you couldn’t decide between that have a similar theme.

Honolulu pets wall art Keri Nakahashi Photography
Bright living room with two big sofas

Book Box

Remember that photo album we mentioned earlier? Your album could be wall art as well as a collection of your favorite photos! The book box is designed to be mounted on the wall and has a lid attached with magnets so you can easily access your album any time you want. This is a creative way to display wall art and make your photo album readily available. The album box looks great on its own and also makes a charming focal point for a gallery wall. 

Is Wall Art Right For You?

Why should you think about choosing an image to have made into wall art when making your photo selections? There are a lot of good reasons. 

  • You have a large amount of empty wall space. Worried about holes? Look into nailless picture hangers!
  • Wall art gives a room a focal point and makes it look more “finished.”
  • Wall art can add “life” to a room. 
  • Wall art adds color to your walls without having to paint. 
  • If you get tired of the look of your room, you can easily swap your wall art around to make it feel like new. 
  • All you have to do is look up to see your favorite picture of your dog. 
  • Having art you love on your walls has been shown to improve mental well-being. 
  • The art on your walls helps reflect your personality. 
  • You don’t have to get an extremely large piece if it’s not your style. Choose from multiple size options to find the look you’re going for.

When it comes to photos of your dog, every choice is the right choice. Take a look at this blog to learn more about why you should consider a photo album of your dog’s photo shoot! If you’re feeling confused about what you can do with your pictures and you’re afraid your dog’s photos will end up in the bottom of a drawer, read here to learn how to decorate with pet photos!

If you haven’t booked your dog’s photo shoot yet, now is the time. Contact us here with any questions you might have, and get ready to book your session!

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a Honolulu based dog photographer for those obsessed with their furbaby. Here youʻll find all things dogs + Hawaii - photography tips, top dog-friendly spots, client sessions, and more!

I'm Keri.


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a Honolulu based dog photographer for those obsessed with their furbaby. Here youʻll find all things dogs + Hawaii - photography tips, top dog-friendly spots, client sessions, and more!

I'm Keri.


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