5 Things Dog Photographers Want You To Know


August 23, 2022

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Have you been thinking about getting professional portraits of your dog, but you’re still on the fence? Have questions about the process? Or don’t think your dog is a good candidate? Maybe your dog is a little rambunctious, or you just don’t know when you can fit it into your schedule. Something always seems to get in the way of sending the email!

Stop putting it off! There’s no time like the present to learn more and book that photo session. It’s easy to keep telling yourself it’s not the right time. Budget, time constraints, training issues, sometimes it just seems like nothing is falling into place.

dog photoshoot in Hawaii with Keri Nakahashi Photography

5 Things You Should Know About Dog Photography 

Here are 5 things dog photographers want you to know, so you can see that any time is the right time to book a photo session for your dog. Keep reading to find out why you need to stop putting off those photos and book your dog’s session! 

Is Your Dog Right For Dog Photography?

1) It’s normal to be envious of elegant photos with a perfectly poised dog, standing nobly off the leash. You start thinking it might be time to get some pictures of your sweet dog. Then you look at your goofy dog, who will run after wind-blown paper and try to kiss everyone to death, and think… maybe they aren’t quite ready for a photo session. 

hawaii pet photographer image of dog in water

Your dog doesn’t need to have been at the top of his obedience class to be ready for a photo session. We know how to get the best pictures of your dog, even if they’re on a leash. With photoshop, we can easily take out your dog’s leash and get an elegant-looking picture of your perfectly posed dog. We can also get action shots of your dog if they aren’t the type to sit still. Remember, you don’t want pictures of the perfect dog, you want pictures of your dog.

2) Some dogs just aren’t fans of anything but you. That’s okay! Whether your dog is shy and hides from strangers or a barker who shows his distaste, we can get a great photo!

This is why you should work with a professional dog photographer when it comes to photos of your dog. We’re specially trained to capture photos of dogs of all personalities and with all kinds of quirks. We’ve seen it all, and we know how to work around it. You don’t need to feel embarrassed if your dog is reactive or shy. When first booking your session, we will be sure to get all useful information about your dog. Then, we’ll make sure that your session’s environment makes sense for your dog’s individual needs.

What Else Do Dog Photographers Want You To Know?

3) It’s easy to keep putting things off because there’s plenty of time. Unfortunately, we can get busy, or life happens. Before you know it, that roly-poly puppy is a full-grown dog! Suddenly, instead of having plenty of time, you’re left wondering where all the time has gone. You don’t want to look back with regret and wish you’d had those photos done when you had the chance. 

We don’t always get as much time as we want to do all the things we had planned. We have to make sure we take advantage of the time we have now. Since we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, preserve those precious memories, and get some beautiful photos of your dog now. You’ll be glad that you did!

4) It’s amazing that, with our smartphones, we can get fun pictures of candid moments without hauling a camera around. Phone photos are great, and it feels so special to have beautiful photos to decorate your home with. If you’ve ever tried to print photos from your phone, then you know they don’t always look as good in reality as they did on the screen.

Hawaii Pet Photographer Wall Art Examples

We all have that one picture where everything accidentally came together and looked magical. Now imagine having photos of your dog done by someone who understands lighting and composition. You’ll have beautiful artwork that is meaningful to you to hang on your wall and enjoy every single day.

5) If you’re hesitant because you think it’s too expensive, that’s understandable. Most of us have to pick and choose based on our budget. A photo session for your dog doesn’t have to be unobtainable. When booking with Keri Nakahashi Photography, you have the option to set up a flexible, interest-free payment plan. That way, you don’t have to worry about paying all at once. And you don’t have to wait until you’ve fully saved up to book your session!

The truth is, I wholeheartedly believe that, ten years from now, my clients won’t remember how much their photo session cost them. But they will remember the priceless memories and the beautiful custom artwork displayed in their home.

Treat yourself and your dog to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a fun professional photo shoot. With Keri Nakahashi Photography, you’re not just booking a quick photo shoot. From our initial consultation all the way to the moment your artwork or album lands in your home, we pride ourselves in delivering a truly personal and special experience that both you and your dog will remember.

Book a Dog Photo Shoot With Keri Nakahashi Photography

Are you ready to book that session now? We promise you won’t regret it. Every step of the way is completely customized to you and your dog’s needs. From location to time of day, we’ll learn as much as we can about your dog in order to make the perfect selection.

Whether you live in or are visiting Honolulu, don’t miss out on booking your dog’s tropical photo shoot! If you’re curious about what your dog’s photos could look like, or if you just need some inspiration, take a look at our portfolio here.

Keri Nakahashi Photography pet photography in Honolulu

Once you’re ready to get started, you’ll follow our simple process:

  1. We’ll connect on an initial consultation call to learn more about your dog and what you’re looking for.
  2. Session day! We’ll make your dog’s session something super special and unique to them. Do they have favorite toys, treats, or activities? We’ll make sure to do it all!
  3. Approximately two weeks later, we’ll meet for your big reveal! You’ll get to see your final images and make your selections for artwork.
  4. About four to five weeks later, we will hand deliver your artwork and will even install it for you!

It’s as simple as that! Have any questions about the booking process? Visit our Session Info page to learn more.

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a Honolulu based dog photographer for those obsessed with their furbaby. Here youʻll find all things dogs + Hawaii - photography tips, top dog-friendly spots, client sessions, and more!

I'm Keri.


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a Honolulu based dog photographer for those obsessed with their furbaby. Here youʻll find all things dogs + Hawaii - photography tips, top dog-friendly spots, client sessions, and more!

I'm Keri.


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