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Pet photo album from Keri Nakahashi Photography

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At Keri Nakahashi Photography, we strive to make the full experience, from booking all the way to ordering products, an amazing experience for both you and your dog. While the whole process is special, we know just how amazing it is to finally get to see the images and pick out the ones you want. […]

Honolulu Pet Photographer Product Highlight: The Photo Album


dog photo shoot with Keri Nakahashi Photography

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Have you been thinking about getting professional portraits of your dog, but you’re still on the fence? Have questions about the process? Or don’t think your dog is a good candidate? Maybe your dog is a little rambunctious, or you just don’t know when you can fit it into your schedule. Something always seems to […]

5 Things Dog Photographers Want You To Know

dog photo shoot at Lulumahu Falls in Honolulu

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The hiking trails on Oahu are truly unparalleled when it comes to beauty. Plus, there’s a little something for every type of hiker. If you’re a dog owner, you’re in luck! Oahu has an amazing assortment of dog friendly hikes. If you have an outdoorsy dog, the two of you can get out and enjoy […]

The 10 Best Dog Friendly Hikes On Oahu


Book your dog's photo shoot with Keri Nakahashi Photography

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Do you remember the day you first brought your dog home? I’m sure it feels like it was just yesterday. Maybe it was… or maybe it’s been 6 months… or even 6 years. If you’ve only recently brought your dog home, then you’re probably excited about all of the things you’ll do together. Or maybe […]

Why You Should Book Your Dog’s Photo Shoot Sooner Rather Than Later

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True or false? The most stressful part of getting ready for any event is figuring out what to wear. This goes double for photos, even if it’s a session for your pet. You know they’ll be the star of the show, but now the pressure is really on because you don’t want to be the […]

What To Wear To Your Pet’s Photoshoot (Whether You’re In The Photos or Not)


Six things most dog moms forget to take (+ totally wish they had later)

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(+ totally wish they had later)

6 Photos Most Dog Moms Forget To Take


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