8 Ways To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday In Honolulu


September 21, 2022

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Your dog’s birthday or gotcha day is a special time. So why not celebrate? Your dog may not know exactly what all the fuss is about, but they’ll love all the attention. Whether you want to keep it low-key or pull out all the stops and go wild, there are tons of fun ideas for celebrating your fur baby. 

8 Ways To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday In Honolulu

Not quite sure what to do to make the day special? We’ve put together 8 ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday in Honolulu. Use these as-is, combine several ideas, or use them as a jumping-off point to plan a paws-itively perfect day for your pup. 

How To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday in Honolulu

1. Go out for a nice lunch or dinner… and don’t forget dessert

If you want to keep things low-key but you want to show your dog you remember his special day, you can’t go wrong with a nice meal. You don’t have to cook at home, there are restaurants around Honolulu that have special menus just for pups! You can grab a poke bowl at Hou’s Fish Market and your dog can chow down on their tuna with rice. Then swing over to Asato Family Shop for one of their delicious sherberts and treat the birthday pup to one of their dog-friendly Luka Licks treats. 

2. Treat your dog to a spa day

Even if you aren’t planning a fancy party, we all know that when you look good, you feel good. A professional brush, wash, and nail trim will leave your dog looking and feeling his best… and add some pep to his step. If you usually do home baths, check out a local groomer like Honolulu Dog Spa.

3. Let your dog pick out a present… and maybe a fancy new collar

Birthdays definitely call for a new toy, and if you’re planning a nice dinner, why not jazz things up with a fancy new collar? Pop into the Public Pet and let your dog pick a present. They have plenty of fun toys to choose from. It’s your dog’s special day so go ahead and throw in one of the natural locally made treats they carry while you’re there. 

Allen Davis Oahu dog photo shoot Keri Nakahashi Photography

A new collar will make your dog feel like a million bucks. Stop in Calvin and Susie to snag a fun tropical print collar and matching leash. Do you have a dog that dog enjoys being dressed up? You can get your pup a fun Aloha shirt or sundress to wear on their special day.  

4. Plan a picnic and invite some friends for a doggie beach party

Treat your dog to a day at the beach and a picnic with friends. Honolulu has numerous dog-friendly beaches where you can take your dog with a few of his pals. Make sure, when you choose a beach, to pay attention to which areas dogs are allowed in. Some dog-friendly beaches do not allow dog’s past certain points.

french bulldog dog birthday party in Honolulu

Even a beach party needs some kind of sweet treat. Dogtown Bakery in Kailua has a wide variety of easily transported pastries for dogs. Choose from donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and other pastries made to be healthy and delicious. 

More Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Dog’s Special Day

5. Take your dog on his favorite hike 

Being out in nature with your dog gives you the chance to reflect on just how much you appreciate having him in your life. There is nothing your dog wants more than to spend time with you. Going on a hike is the perfect way to celebrate with your dog and create more memories. If your dog has a wandering spirit, maybe hiking a new trail would be the best birthday experience. There is no shortage of beautiful dog-friendly trails around Honolulu. Manoa Falls, Makiki Valley Trail, or the Kuliouou Ridge Trail are all stunning dog-friendly hikes! 

6. Plan a birthday “pawty”

Is there any better reason to have a party than to celebrate your dog? If your dog has some pals from the dog park, invite them over to socialize and play. Set up dog friendly games, like a treasure hunt where the dogs sniff for treats or quick puzzle games like toilet tube treat dispensers. Or even just blow some dog friendly bubbles for the pups to chase around the yard. 

Don’t forget to provide dog friendly snacks like berries, carrots, and sherbert from the Asato Family Shop. You can even make up goodie bags for the furry guests with locally made natural treats like the ones from Poi Dog Treats.

A birthday party isn’t perfect if it doesn’t have cake! The birthday pup will love a custom cake from Hawaii Doggie Bakery. You can get a cake or cupcakes designed especially for dogs… and tons of treats to fill the guest goodie bags. While you’re ordering your dog’s cake, you can even stock up on decorations! They have hats, banners, candles and everything you need to throw your dog the perfect pawty. 

7. Book a staycation with your dog

There’s no doubt about it; we live in an amazing place! So why not take advantage of that!? Book a staycation with your dog and really pamper yourselves. There are many amazing dog friendly Oahu hotels, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Surfjack Hotel: This boutique, vintage-inspired hotel is totally Instagram-worthy and the perfect place to de-stress. Keep your eyes peeled for Jack, the hotel dog. He loves meeting new pup friends!
  • Hotel Renew: For a little more modern feel, Hotel Renew is a gorgeous oceanside hotel that’ll make you really want to curl up and sleep in with your dog.
  • Hyatt Centric Waikiki Beach: This hotel is not just pet friendly… they make sure your pet is getting the royal treatment by providing complimentary water bowls and dog beds during your pup’s stay!

8. Plan a professional photo shoot!

dog birthday photoshoot Keri Nakahashi Photography

Your dog’s birthday is a special day! Why not commemorate it with a professional photo shoot? If you have been thinking about having professional pictures done of your dog, now is the time! You can book a birthday themed session or regular session. Have it at your favorite beach or a place that is meaningful to you and your dog. Your dog will have fun basking in all the attention they’re getting. And you will love having memories of your dog that you can hang up on your wall. 

So tell us, how are you planning to celebrate your dog’s next birthday?

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a Honolulu based dog photographer for those obsessed with their furbaby. Here youʻll find all things dogs + Hawaii - photography tips, top dog-friendly spots, client sessions, and more!

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a Honolulu based dog photographer for those obsessed with their furbaby. Here youʻll find all things dogs + Hawaii - photography tips, top dog-friendly spots, client sessions, and more!

I'm Keri.


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