If you are intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea of printing your own photos, then youʻll love this part. I offer a variety of artwork from around the world, curated based on the products and displays pet parents have loved the most, that makes selecting your favorite images and how to best display them an easy process. Having personal photos in my own home has made it feel warmer and makes me smile every time I see them, and I want the same for you.

Product Pricing

Art for Your Walls

A big statement piece or a group of images that tell a story

Small 16x24 - 650
Medium 20x30 - 900
Large 24x36 - 1200
X-Large 30x40 - 1500

Sleek. Modern. Unexpected. When you print an image directly on an aluminum sheet, you get vibrant colors, sharp details, and an irresistible finish. With 100% recyclable metal that’s waterproof, UV resistant, and easy to clean, there isn’t a room in the house that won’t be brighter with one of these.

Metal Prints

Small 16x24 - 800
Medium 20x30 - 1100
Large 24x36 - 1500
X-Large 30x40 - 1900

The most classic form of artistic printing like you’ve never seen it before. Our premium line of canvas is printed using HD technology with museum-like quality. The warmth of the cotton fabric, the deep saturated colors, the silky soft texture, are all assembled to perfection on a customizable panel.

Canvas Prints

Small 16x24 - 800
Medium 20x30 - 1100
Large 24x36 - 1500
X-Large 30x40 - 1900

Acrylic Prints elevate your images to modern art with a near-3D effect. Your image is printed using fine art inks then face-mounted behind a polished 1/8” acrylic piece. This renders the image incredibly vivid – almost as though it’s appearing on a high definition TV. 

Acrylic Prints

Art for Your Shelf

short on wall space or cant decide on a just a few favorites?

20 Images - 1500
All Images - 1800

Between covers that beg to be held and thick, lay-flat, seamless pages, our classic albums have become a popular way to display and share your photos from your session. Include your favorite 20 images on custom designed pages, or upgrade to include them all! Also includes a personalized album box.

Classic Album


A completely custom album with 30 pages to tell your dogʻs story. Images are laid out to best suit the design on extra thick, HD printed pages with a gorgeous acrylic cover. The album box is personalized with your dogʻs paw and nose print, making this a truly one-of-a-kind heirloom.

Signature Album

8x10 - 1750

Clean, contemporary, and flexible, the Image Box stores and displays a collection of your 20 favorite images. Each image is printed crystal archive paper for beautiful colors and matted between sturdy core boards. The box itself can be used as a frame while storing your prints and the included easel is great for a shelf display!

Folio Box


perfect for gift giving or enjoying a handful of images

5x7 - 250
8x10 - 450

A unique way to display your favorite image on a desk or shelf.

Acrylic Blocks


Three of your most memorable images displayed in a book-like format.

Folio Trio


A collection of ten 5x7 archival prints displayed on a wood block.

Album Block

10 Images - 1000
All Images - 2000

These fully-retouched, high-resolution digital images are perfect for archiving your memories and include a limited license for personal printing with no size or quantity restrictions.

Digital Images

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