It was a hot afternoon on Kauai when I wandered into a local art gallery. The walls shone with sweeping photographs of our beaches, printed on metal. I thought to myself “The only way this could get better is if there was a dog on this beach.” Imagine how great they would look in my living room if only my beloved Kobe were in them!
Except –  
Though Kobe is a sweetheart, he gets scared and defensive when put into an unfamiliar situation with new people. I couldn’t simply hire a photographer: I would have to be the photographer. After investing in cameras, education, and lots of practice, I began hanging images like this one in my home:

i'm Keri,

Hey friend!

& this is my story

I’ve been working with dogs since 2008, and now photographing them since 2014. You may have a dog like mine – an adored companion, who you’d love stunning images of. You take some yourself, though they don’t always turn out exactly the way you imagine. But maybe you’re not so sure about introducing them to a new person with a camera. Maybe they can’t sit still, or don’t care for strangers or other dogs. Or perhaps they have little or no training, or are too wild to be let off leash.

I have over 15 years of experience working with all breeds, temperaments, and levels of training (most of the dogs you see on this site are not well trained). I customize every session to your dog. We can handle any specific needs like avoiding other animals, eliminating distractions, or wearing leashes.

The result is a session that celebrates everything you love about your furbaby, filled with lots of toys, treats, and fun. The session is a gift to them, because they get spoiled with lots of attention and extra snacks. The images are a gift to yourself – that jolt of happiness every time you glance up to see the love and infectious smile of your dog on your walls and shelves.

i was done. beated. passionless. it was time for a change.

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Umami waistcoat truffaut, cold-pressed forage cliche succulents. Banh mi wayfarers tumeric celiac poke gluten-free ugh shoreditch XOXO heirloom 

It all started...

Umami waistcoat truffaut, cold-pressed forage cliche succulents. Banh mi wayfarers tumeric celiac poke 

no explanation needed, obviously



bonus points if there is snow (or any weather and seasons opposite Hawaiiʻs)

TRaveling somewhere new

Our gym, Parado Power, is basically my second home




Some Vitamin Sea is the best way for me to unwind and relax

the beach


Any type of chocolate dessert to be specific



Photography Workshops

Travel + Dogs + New Skills =
Instant Addiction


These little humans are hilarious and I love being their aunty!

My Nephews


I would do every session here if I could! The shades of blue and clear water is a dream!

Kaneohe Sandbar


These will never get old, the colors and patterns are always different and equally beautiful



Never doubts my crazy dreams and always helps me bring them to life!

My Husband


things I'm crazy about

My Top Ten

My Timeline

where I've been


Published a few books, won some awards, and photographed many dogs in beautiful places around the world. Everyday Iʻm grateful for this journey.


Blake and I got married and honeymooned in Australia the following year


Left my marketing job to pursue my dream full-time. Learned, practiced, rinse and repeat.


Got my first DSLR to take better Kobe photos and fell in love with dog photography


Graduated college majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Still had no idea what to do.


Met Blake! Kobe initially hated him, but now heʻs his favorite thing in the world


Kobe, my first dog and inspiration behind this business, came into my life


Went to college to study animal science. My plan was to be a vet!